How To Choose The Right Wedding Planner?

How To Choose The Right Wedding Planner

Are you a bride or a groom or a family member of the bride or groom? You probably are super stressed regarding what to do or not to do at the wedding, how to arrange everything and make it look perfect, right? Well, one of the easiest ways to make sure that all the events in the wedding run smoothly is to hire a wedding planner.


In the current hectic world, a wedding planner is a life-saver. Choosing one is not a very difficult task. You just need to keep a few things in mind while deciding on the wedding planner most suited for you.


We have made a list of the important things that you need to remember while choosing the right wedding planner.


Check the dates

When you start conversing with the wedding planner, the first thing that you need to inform them is the dates of the wedding and the other related events. Make sure that they do not have any other engagements on those particular days.


What will the wedding look like?

As a bride or groom planning a wedding, go through various social media sites to get inspiration on how you want your wedding to look. You may come across a colour scheme or themes or decorations and lighting that you find really interesting and want to incorporate into your wedding. Make a list of what you want to add to your wedding, so that when you speak to the wedding planner you do not miss out on any detail.

If you are a family member planning out the wedding then you should speak to the bride and groom beforehand and get to know whether they have any preferences or suggestions on how they want their wedding to look. As it is a very important day in the life of the bride and groom, their thoughts, ideas and preferences should be given representation.


Wedding planner’s preferences 

At times wedding planners have specific venues or vendors with whom they work. So if you want the event to take place at a different venue you might have to choose a different wedding planner. You also need to decide whether you want the wedding planner to arrange the whole wedding or certain particular events. The planner needs to be informed in advance about it.


Will they fit into your budget? 

Discuss with your family members and decide on a budget in advance. Keep this budget in your mind while planning out the wedding with the wedding planner. You might make changes to your budget but do not go too overboard.


Does your aesthetics match theirs? 

Now that you have seen pictures of their previous works, do you feel that your aesthetic sense will match that of the wedding planner? Discuss your plans and ideas with them and decide on the best possible way to make the wedding look as beautiful and gorgeous as possible, all while keeping within the budget.



There might be people on your guest list who are allergic to certain food items or have restrictions regarding the consumption of certain foods. The wedding planner needs to be informed about this ahead of time so that they can convey the message to the caterer. Ask if it would be possible for them to provide food for people who have certain restrictions or do you have to arrange for them separately.


Ask about their previous works

Check the photos from previous weddings or wedding-related events that the wedding planner has arranged. See what kind of themes they have arranged, or what decorations they have done previously. Do they offer other services like makeup artists, wedding gift decoration or the printing of wedding invitation cards.



Most wedding planners do include a makeup artist in the packages that they offer. Discuss if you want to use certain specific brands only for your makeup.


Other Services

Will the planner be able to provide accommodation for the guests who would be traveling from other cities? Do they have contacts or vendors who can provide you with wedding cards or wedding gifts? It is better to choose a wedding planner who can offer these other services as part of their package as this would reduce the stress on you or your family members.


Before choosing the right wedding planner for yourself, ensure that you know exactly how you want your wedding to look like. Then discuss each and every detail regarding food, decorations and others.

Keeping these points in mind while choosing a wedding planner, will ensure the smooth sailing of your wedding. Happy planning !!


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